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    1. 中文版 Alibaba English
      Taizhou Minghua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2002, evolved by Wenling Minghua Gear Co., Ltd, a private enterprise which was built in 1992. The company is located in the rich and beautiful Wenling city along the East Sea Shore. It is adjacent to Taizhou Harbor in the east which passes...   More>>
      We have come a long way in developing overseas market in recent years. Customers are from all parts over the world among which we had built good relationship with American Eaton Company; Flexon German; Oroc France; Lgo Co.; G-U Co.German; Gretsch-Unitas
       Gear Series
       Gearbox Series
       Mower Series
       Pump Series
       Generator Series
       Parking lock Series
       Gasoline Engine Series
       Transmission Series
      Xingzhou Mechanical
      Linxiang Industry & Trade
      ※Taizhou “Quality Believable Enterprise”
      ※ Zhejiang “Site Management Qualified”
      ※ Zhejiang “Key Private-owned & Township Business Enterprise”
      ※ Ministry of Agriculture “National Enterprise-Management Quality Target”
      Copyright © Taizhou Minghua Industry & Trade Co.,LTD. ADD:Econonmic development zone, Wenling.Zhejian P.C.:317500
      Tel:0086-576-86513588 Fax:0086-576-86513751
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